R U OK? Well, are you…. health professionals?!?!

It’s been about two months since R U OK day, but ‘are you okay’ is a question health professionals need to be asking themselves all year round.

In this video from the R U OK website, Dr Levine talks about how health professionals are always looking after the best interests of their patients, sometimes neglecting themselves in the process: bit.ly/SEZzYA

I think the video pretty well sums it up….. and to be perfectly honest, I don’t have much to add!! Health practitioners are not immune to being stressed out, or having the feeling that it’s “all too much” sometimes. It can be very demanding looking after other people all the time, and, health professionals, just like everyone else, need to have their “time out”. They owe it to their patients, as well as to themselves!!

To check out more information about dealing with stress, follow the link: www.myhealthcareer.com.au/latest-news/psychology/nat-psych-week

Image: Thankfully this was for Halloween, and is not of a real doctor or nurse who has gone on a violent rampage!! By OakleyOriginals – Flickr

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