Future Health Leaders Conference

Following is a guest blog post by Kenneth Lee, a pharmacist and PhD candidate from Western Australia. He is the mentoring representative of the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia’s Early Career Pharmacist Working Group and founder of the WA Pharmacists’ Discussion Forum and HI-PHEN Australia (Helping Inter-Professional Health Education Nationally).

“It’s been said that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. This, in my opinion, was the fundamental belief throughout the inaugural Future Health Leaders (FHL) Conference, held in Adelaide (Sept 1-2, 2012). The purpose of the conference was to bring together health students and early career health professionals from all disciplines, nation-wide, to discuss potential solutions for the future of healthcare. Attendance was outstanding, with well over 300 delegates attending; and presentations were highly engaging and inspiring. A small selection of delegates was also invited to present their projects/work experiences, which helped to convey the idea that anything is achievable, by anyone.

Throughout the conference, I met an amazing array of young people who have achieved so much, and whom are so dedicated to improving healthcare. It made me feel that as an early career pharmacist, I can do so much more to improve healthcare, and that anything is possible. As a result of the conference, I am more motivated to continue my quest to improving healthcare and I have maintained lines of communication with the wonderful people that I met at the conference. At my various workplaces, I have spent more time trying to inspire my pharmacy staff – many of whom are future health professionals – to improve their practices, and improve collaboration between health disciplines.

This conference made me realise that, regardless of whatever issues each profession may face, we need to focus on the crux of what it is to be a health professional…providing optimum healthcare to our patients and the community. If we cannot yet provide optimum healthcare, then we need to continue to strive for excellence! Attending (and presenting) at the FHL Conference was the best experience in my career to date, and I encourage you all to sign up for future FHL conferences.

For further details: http://www.futurehealthleaders.org.au/conference/

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