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Nurture Your Career

What is nurturing your career?

During my training to become a health professional, the focus was always on the patient. It covered what to do when a patient presents with certain symptoms, how to diagnose and manage disease, and how to ensure the patient leaves with a clear understanding of the outcome of their consultation. There’s no denying that these are all important requirements on the road to becoming a qualified health practitioner.

Like many people who find ourselves in health professions, I tend to be quite empathic. I absolutely, genuinely care about anyone who walks into my consulting room and will do everything I can to deliver the best outcomes for them.

But what happens when you find yourself just out of the range of being an early career practitioner, and being so far beyond burnt out that returning to “burnout” is a goal? There was a time when I felt as though burnout was something to aspire to because I had overshot and gone way past it.

At that time I honestly thought that self-care was for losers.

I knew that something had to change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. So I started….. somewhere.

I changed to a GP who has been a catalyst for helping me to focus on wellness. I (with great reluctance and scepticism) sought out people to teach me principles of self-care. I ended relationships that were no longer serving me. I changed my daily routine and prioritised getting adequate sleep. I started making connections with practitioners in other professions, which helped me to realise that as a health professional I’m a part of something much bigger than myself. I got real with myself about which habits I had that were contributing to my burnout.

And then it was as though by magic when I was in my consulting room I was able to show myself the empathy I had for my patients. I’d always had a reputation for giving patients a great experience when they came in, but all of a sudden I was able to join them in having a great experience of the consultation too.

Something really shifted when I started checking in with myself during consultations to see where I was at. I was no longer burning myself out by giving everything I had to the patient and nothing to myself. By nurturing myself this in turn nurtured my career. And the thing was, in looking after myself, I felt that I was better able to look after my patients and raise my standard of practice to a higher level than it had been at before.

So that’s what My Health Career is all about. And that’s what nurturing your career is all about.

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With my warmest regards,
Amanda Griffiths – Founder My Health Career
BAppSc(Optom) First Class Honours