Training the healthcare simulation community

The Australian Government is aiming to increase the health workforce capacity and quality training capacity through Simulated Learning Environment (SLE) Programs. Health Workforce Australia (HWA) has made a significant investment in developing simulation educator and technicians and the first stage of investment was the national AusSETT Program, a train-the-trainer approach.

NHET-sim program
NHET-sim Program is the second stage of the program. It is designed for anyone who intends to use simulation as an educational method to support the development of healthcare students and professionals.

It consists of e-learning and workshops activities across diverse simulation practices. It provides entry level learning experiences for individuals new to simulation-based education and provides an opportunity to reflect on existing and future simulation practice for those with experience in simulation-based education. It aims to provide discussion and experiential based activities related to the e-learning modules. It consists of approximately 24 hours of learning activities and is completed over approximately three months. There are two streams in the NHET-Sim Program. These streams provide flexibility for participants. Stream A consists of e-learning and workshops (75%) while Stream B consists of e-learning only (25% of places).

Is it free?
This is offered free and is open to individuals from all healthcare professional disciplines, will be offered across all jurisdictions and in metropolitan and rural locations.

What are the modules?
The following new modules were launched in early 2014.

  1. Debriefing in simulation – (workshop and e learning)
  2. Developing scenarios – (workshop and e learning)
  3. Teaching with task trainers – (e learning only)

Where will it takes place and how long will it be available?
Workshops will take place in selected facilities across Australia until June 2014.

How can I register?
Registrations for the NHET-sim Program are open for people who are interested in being a part of this exciting initiative. Participants are able to choose two learning options Stream A (e-learning and face-to-face workshops) and Stream B (e-learning). Workshops will take place in selected facilities across Australia until June 2014. If you would like to participate in the program in either Stream A or Stream B please complete and submit the participant registration form. The NHET-sim team can be contacted by calling 03 9905 0221.


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