Scams targeting health professionals

A number of industry organisations have warned their members about scams targeting health professionals over the last couple of years. The latest is from the Australian Dental Association. Here are some known scams to be on the lookout for:

  1. An individual attempts to make a group booking via email with an advanced payment on a stolen credit card. They later ask for part of the payment to be refunded to a separate account. The email sometimes has a virus attached. See the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s website and Facebook post for more on this.
  2. Receiving unsolicited invoices from an organisation seeking payment for inclusion in search websites – e.g. they claim to be charging your practice for being included on their dentist/doctor/optometry site that ranks in Google searches and directs people to your practice.
  3. Receiving phone calls from an organisation seeking payment for inclusion in websites that rank on search engines – ensure your practice manager & staff are aware of this, as some staff have been bullied over the phone to give out credit card details.
  4. Being contacted by an organisation claiming to be the Australasian Health Professionals Directory. They will ask you to update your details – see the AMA’s advice on how to deal with this. 
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