Deaths in Australia – heart disease falling, dementia on the rise

A study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the leading causes of death in Australia has shifted over the last 12 years. In since 2003 until 2012, heart disease has been listed as the leading cause of deaths in Australia. However, the figures supporting this has steadily decreased over the years and have ended with only 20,046 deaths in 2012, which accounts for only 14% of all deaths in 2012 compared to the 19% it had back in 2003.

“For women, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has overtaken Cerebrovascular diseases as the second leading cause of death in 2012, while breast cancer remained the sixth most common cause of death,” said James Eynstone-Hinkins, ABS Director of the Health and Vitals Statistics Unit.

“For men, lung cancer remains the second leading cause of death. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is now the fifth leading cause, replacing prostate cancer which is now ranked sixth for males,” he added.

With heart disease still on the number one spot but with decreasing numbers, dementia and Alzheimer’s on the other hand have figures which are continuing to increase year by year. Other causes of death include suicide, especially for males and females aged between 15 and 44. While for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, heart disease and diabetes are ranked as the first and second causes of death respectively.

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