Health professionals sought for 10 minute online survey about working with adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

ASD CRCDr Kate van Dooren is a lecturer in health and disability, and a researcher at the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She is looking for health professionals to complete a 10 minute survey about how confident health professionals are in working with patients with ASD and looking at what training is required.

“We are looking for health professionals, including GPs, other specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals to complete this short survey. Your responses will help us to better understand your training needs in relation to your work with adults with ASD. You do not need expertise in working with adults with ASD to participate.

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What does the survey involve?
The online survey involves you answering questions about your practice, experience and training needs. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete.

What are the possible benefits?
This survey will explore the experiences of health professionals, and will help us to understand their training needs so we can develop useful and meaningful tools to improve the health and wellbeing of adults with ASD.

What is the purpose of this research?
This project is one part of a larger program aimed to empower adults with autism to find a place in society (as part of Program 3 of the Cooperative Research Centre for Living Well with Autism Spectrum Disorders, or the Autism CRC).

This project is unique in that it aims to take a comprehensive understanding of adults with ASD and their individual experiences with the health care system. It also aims to understand how we can work with health professionals to improve their understanding of the needs of adults with ASD. This information will help to inform the development of online strategies, tools and resources to enhance health promotion and understanding of health care needs for adults with autism.

More information
If you have any questions or need more information please contact Dr Kate van Dooren on 07 3163 1983 or To find out more about the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders visit the website:”

Please feel free to fill out the survey and pass it on to others who might like to participate too!
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