ADA says go see “That Sugar Film”

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) urges all Australians to watch “That Sugar Film” as it raises awareness of the effects of a high sugar diet on the body.

sugar and oral healthIn the film, Damon Gameau has embarked on a unique 60 day experiment to discover the impact of hidden sugar in supposedly healthy food. In the experiment followed Mr Gameau consumed foods and drinks such as low fat yoghurt and fruit juice, which are widely perceived as healthy although they are actually packed with added sugar.

On average, Australians consume 40 teaspoons of sugar each day. Mr Gameau went with this dose for 60 days while continuing his routine exercise and the same amount of calorie each day as he usually did. The impact can be seen clearly in his body and overall health.

While the film was not specifically addressing the effect of sugar in oral health, but the Australian Dental Association (ADA) urges all Australians to watch the film since it features a startling example of the impact of sugar hidden in products have on teeth and gums.

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Image: Nemo – pixabay

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