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Health industry consultant Amanda Griffiths

Hi, I’m Amanda Griffiths and I have a few questions for you regarding health care.

Are you looking for someone who lives and breathes cultivating healthy health care?

Someone who has a genuine interest in building the health workforce Australia really needs?

Someone who has first-hand experience of what it’s like to be at the coalface of delivering health services in both the public and private sectors, in both independent and corporate environments?

Someone who has realised that workplace culture and practitioner health & wellbeing needs to be at the centre of everything we do in health care?

I might just be the detail-orientated breath of fresh air you are looking for with your project. You might like to consider having me consult with your organisation. Email me directly at

As well as starting My Health Career in 2012 and building it to reach over 400,000 visitors in 2018 alone, my professional background encapsulates a wide variety of experience:

  • Founding member of the Health Sector VET Engagement Working Party, which brought together organisations such as Queensland Health, Education Queensland, Registered Training Organisations including TAFE Queensland, the Health and Community Services Workforce Council to coordinate the state-wide approach to engage with prospective health students in the vocational education and training (VET) sector
  • Consulted for CheckUP and Queensland Health on the Choose Your Own Health Career website, which provides information for high school students considering their VET sector training options
  • Consulted for CheckUP and the Australian Government’s Department of Health to do a consultation around upskilling, student placements and interdisciplinary care referral pathways in the Visiting Optometrist Scheme
  • Met with Queensland Health representatives for discussions about sustainable workforce planning
  • Invited speaker or exhibited at over 30 high school careers events and expos as well as for organisations including the Career Development Association of Australia and Queensland’s Department of Education, Training and Employment
  • Attended behind the scenes industry tours at a private hospital and an aged care facility to attain an understanding of the inner working of these organisations
  • Interviewed over 30 medical and allied health professionals about the good, the bad and the ugly in their jobs
  • Solid understanding of the health system in Australia via publishing over 700 articles across more than 15 professions on My Health Career
  • Worked as an optometrist in over 50 private and corporate practices in most states and territories in Australia, providing eye care in cities, regional towns and remote indigenous communities in this beautiful country; this has given me firsthand knowledge of the different skill sets required by practitioners in different locations
  • Receiving the invitation to become the permanent optometrist in over 50%, and being invited back to over 90% of the practices I have locumed in
  • Being known as the optometrist who makes patients laugh (yep, really… people hear the laughter from outside the consulting room!!)
  • Lived experience of being a successful and extremely well-regarded health practitioner practising with and recovering from a mental illness (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Integrating mindfulness into my own practice as a health professional after studying and exploring mindful self-compassion
  • Currently embarking on a 2 year course to become a mindfulness and compassion teacher
  • Twice fulfilled the role of Master of Ceremonies at the national finals of the HealthFusion Team Challenge, an interdisciplinary competition for university health students
  • Having a large network of health professionals, including the current and former national presidents and vice-presidents of organisations including the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Dietitians Association Australia and Optometry Australia
  • Achieving First Class Honours in my Optometry degree when I graduated in 2003, which was a stepping stone to everything else!

Here’s what a previous client said at the end of the successful completion of a project with Amanda:

“Amanda listened, paid attention to detail and was proactive every step of the way. She was responsive, creative, thorough and committed. We had a great time on this project and the results are fabulous. The Health & Community Services Workforce Council has received feedback given with great excitement, and demand for the resources has been even greater than expected.

We received quality products within a very quick timeframe. I know we would not have them completed without Amanda. A big project, we found it kept getting pushed into the background until we realised our best option was to consider outsourcing the work, though this decision was not made lightly. Amanda was motivated from get-go and kept us on task incredibly effectively.

New innovations were introduced to us as part of the experience. Geographical distances were no barrier to our collaboration as we worked through Screencast and were able to receive videos of progress and methodologies – ensuring we were in the loop at every step!

We are so pleased with the products, we have another (even more exciting!) project on the short-term horizon and we are naturally engaging Amanda as our best option!”

Kelly Kerwitz – Project Manager – Health & Community Services Workforce Council

Here’s what another client said about the team’s work after a successful project delivery:

  • “The (finished product) is looking fantastic. Thank you to the team for such a tremendous effort in short timeframe.”

I am an experienced presenter known for doing my research. Here’s what members of the Career Development Association of Australia said about me after a presentation:

“Amanda you were brilliant. A real treasure. Thank you.” Allan Gatenby – Career Development Leader, NSW President CDAA

“Amanda is a well-spoken and thorough presenter, there is no doubt she is very knowledgeable in her area and has done her research really well. Thank you Amanda.” Gitte Backhausen – Counsellor and Career Development Practitioner, Professional Member CDAA

“Thanks very much! You have been so generous with your insights. Thank you. And you’re a fantastic, tech savvy, natural presenter.” Ginny Hopper – Executive Career Coach, Member CDAA

“Many thanks for your interesting and well researched presentation.” Ann Wilson – Careers Consultant and Psychologist, MAPS, Professional Member CDAA

Ready to get started?

Would you like to find out if I might be the right fit to partner with your organisation? Due to the fact that I like to go into detail about what each partnering organisation is looking for, spend a minimum of 4 hours liaising with you, doing the relevant research, assimilating all the information, ensuring that I am able to deliver what you are after…… before putting together a proposal, there is a minimum fee of $8,000 for contract and consulting work. Email me at