Tips for getting a job at the World Health Organization


If you are interested in working at the World Health Organization (WHO), you might be interested in inside information on getting a job there. Dr Greg Martin, via the Global Health YouTube channel, has shared his experiences of working at WHO, and also the process of applying for a job at WHO:

In the video, Dr. Martin specifically talks about working in the WHO’s headquarters in Geneva. Based on his experiences, he points out the upside and downside of working at WHO.

The Up Side
Those who are interested to work at WHO aspire in making the world a better place. In addition, you will also get many benefits:
1.    Working at WHO is tremendously interesting.
2.    The remuneration includes payment, compensation, health insurance, pension, relocation and grant.
3.    Geneva is a fantastic city to live in.
4.    Excellent career stepping stone.

The Down Side
1.    Defunct promotion mechanism, where it seems there are no obvious career path. It often happens, you do not get promoted to more senior roles. You need to apply for that position.
2.    Working in Geneva is mostly related to admin intensive, it involves working with documents and presentation, which maybe don’t fit if you are interested in field work.
3.    Operation constraint that can be a point of frustration.
4.    The recruitment process is enigmatic

Applying for Job at WHO
Some information worth to know to apply for a job at WHO are:
1.    The job that advertised may already have an incumbent. After becoming a candidate and having an interview, it is likely you will not get a job that you applied for, because of these two reasons:

  • The position already occupied by one in the organization who applied for the job while it’s being advertised. (Related to Downside point 1)
  • When there is a job that need to be done, someone already put in the position from the outside like consultant or temporary staff.

2.    Number of years of experience in order to become eligible for the job.

In your CV, make sure that you reflect your experience in a way that demonstrates that you have worth in the area that they are looking for the required period of time.

Images: Wikimedia commons

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