10 things to ask a health professional at a careers event

I often attend careers expos, where unfortunately the most commonly asked question I get is “what is the OP (perhaps this is ATAR in your state) required to get into the course?” Now although this is important information that you need to know, that is something worth asking the institution you are looking at applying to. If you have the opportunity to ask a health professional some questions, I would ask them about their career and the actual profession.
Not sure what to ask? I get that a lot too…… so here’s a list of 10 of the best questions to ask……

1. What aspects of the career do you like the most or find to be the most rewarding?
2. What aspects of the career do you dislike the most or find to be the most challenging?
3. What aspects of the profession do students/graduates find to be the most challenging as they are going through the course or entering the workforce?
4. What are the differences between how the average person perceives the profession and what you actually do on a day to day basis?
5. What are the characteristics or personal attributes of a successful practitioner in your profession?
6. Please outline a standard case and an unusual case you have come across.
7. How much money could a new graduate, experienced practitioner or business owner expect to make?
8. What are the different branches or areas of specialization in the profession?
9. Has the profession changed over the time of your involvement?
10. Looking forwards, where are the opportunities and threats in the profession?

So if you do happen to come across a health practitioner in a profession you’re interested in, now you’ll be able to avoid that awkwardness I see all too often when a student has the guts to come over and approach me, but doesn’t know what to ask!

Amanda – Founder My Health Career :)

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  1. Amelia Willcox says:

    Hi, the article, 10 things to ask a health professional, is insightful and has helped me consider my career path and options. Thankyou so much!

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