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Supporting mental health with personal training

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Whether you are a personal trainer in Melbourne or anywhere in the world, you are not only helping people get into shape physically, you are also helping them strengthen their mental health. Research has shown that personal trainers are helping those with mental health issues by helping them choose a healthier lifestyle. This is a profession for those who are excited about the prospect of helping people realize their potential and making the best out of what they have – the very kind of mentality that will help their clients with healing.

Reaching goals they couldn’t before

It is inspiring to your clients when they are able to hit certain targets that they weren’t able to previously – whether it is on a weighing scale or something more tangible like doing a pull up. These little achievements can have a lasting impact on your client, especially if they have been struggling in their day-to-day lives as it shows that as long as you have persistence, even something that seems impossible might one day come true. Success also makes them feel good about themselves, knowing that they were the ones who pushed their body far enough to make it happen is something you cannot buy with money nor learn at school – it is something you must experience for yourself in order to know.

You’re feeling them with feel-good hormones

Everyone’s heard of endorphins and how it is released through exercise. This depression-fighting chemical also reduces stress, anxiety, improves sleep and even gives you a boost in the self esteem department because it makes you feel good. Forcing your clients into a cardio routine is one way to get the brain churning out endorphins, at the same time, they will be burning their fat and sweating their way to a body that they can be more confident in.

Raising confidence and self esteem

When you look good, you feel good. Helping your client reach a stage where they can look into the mirror and agree that they are not looking too shabby will do wonders for a person’s self esteem. When confidence levels are high, they are more likely to be happier and a happy person is one with a healthy headspace.

Being their life coach

One of the unlisted job descriptions of a personal trainer is a life coach – you’re teaching your clients how to eat, how to exercise and all that ultimately stems from how to think. You need to change their perspective and get them into a healthy relationship with food and how to take care and listen to their body. Aside from that, personal trainers are all about motivating through encouragement and when you’re constantly throwing “you can do it” at your clients, they start to believe the mantra and reshape their mentality to one which views the world in a positive light. The above are all reasons for why personal training has become a thriving business, especially since the public are becoming more aware about their personal health and wellbeing.


For support:

  • For 24/7 support in Australia you can contact beyondblue on 1300 22 4636
  • For urgent assistance call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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