Attrition rates higher at regional universities

Julie Hare, Higher Education Editor at The Australian, has commented on data from the federal education department, pointing out that “attrition rates are higher among poorly performing school leavers and online students, both of which tend to cluster in regional universities.”

Hare highlights the fact that although on average, 13.5% of first year university students drop out never to return to high education, with a further 6% changing institution or course, there are 10 Australian universities in regional Australia who will have one student dropout in every five who enrol.

While Richard James, a professor from the University of Melbourne has said that high dropout rates are linked to people not getting into the university or course they wanted to, My Health Career has recently published a student perspective on this issue. Click here for the article by Georgia Woodhouse, a pharmacy student from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. It’s about “the 5 M’s” of overcoming barriers to university from a rural background.

Image: FeBird Hou – flickr

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