How Do Health Industry Uni Graduates Fare in the Workforce 3 Years after Graduating?

A study has been conducted to gauge how Australian health industry graduates fare in the workforce after 3 years of finishing their degree. Based on the Beyond Graduation 2013 report released by Graduate Careers Australia, higher education graduates of 2009 were asked about full-time employment, their varying salaries, and other details related to their career.

In the study, results showed that across all sectors 76.3% of the new graduates were able to find work immediately after finishing their course and the numbers increased to 90.2% three years after graduation. For health degrees, 90.0% of graduates went straight into jobs, and 93.7% were in jobs 3 years following their graduation.

The different fields of work for both men and women are quite similar, with fields such as scientific and technical services, public administration, and health care and social assistance ranking on top of all other fields. It is observed that in 2013, males were more likely to be in managerial positions that the female while female graduates were more like in professional roles than males.
Those working in the fields of health and education felt that their degree was indeed important in their career and daily work, while those in the creative arts and society & culture feel that their employment does not have any relevance to their completed courses.

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